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I am somewhat of a regular shopper atMaple Shade art supplies. Thank goodness we have a true art-supply place other than those attached in strip malls. It is truly nice to have a place that sells art supplies to more than elementary school kids- excellent service, friendly cats and a place to add to your regular shopping lists
amazing art store. they treat everyone so nicely and like royalty! definitely going to be coming here almost once a week. Mike and his mother treat me like a queen basically. they're so nice and I love their cats! best art store I have been to in a while, great prices and amazing supplies!
Their cats Thunder & Lightning are awesome
Great art supply store. They always have everything I (an amateur art) need. Very helpful when you ask questions.
This is my "go-to" art store. I rarely go to Michaels or other similar stores, unless I'm looking for supplies for DIY crafts. The man who owns this place is amazing. Some of his products are a tad cheaper else where, but it's worth paying for as you'll get amazing customer service. He's personable, and has helped me to find products that bring my brushes back from the brink of death.
Amazing store! When I went in I was greeted by an older gentleman who owns the store. He was super friendly and I enjoyed talking to him about the town for a few minutes. He has two resident cats in the store who I ADORE. (Thunder and lightning). I was impressed with their selection of oils, water colors, acrylics, brushes, canvases, pens and pencils, books and everything in between. The prices were LESS than hobby lobby and the usual horrible chain 'craft stores'. This store is for actual art. He also carries office supplies and other things. I hope people want to support such a great store in our town!! He even gave me a discount my first time in. :) can't wait to go back.